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C++ Package Manager?

  • Why does not C++ have a Package Manager?
  • How to let C++ have a Package Manager?
  • Why does C++ Package Manager not widely be used?
  • ...

Maybe you find all of these question answers are NO, but don't you feel strangeful about the C++ Package Manager question.

In fact, C++ Package Manager Systems have already existed and been widely used for many years!

Your os producer has done everything for you. They are not only C and C++ Package Manager, but also the software dependency build system. C and C++ are the low and high level system/app software foundation of your operating system, the os could not do any useful things without which, so the os producers have to let them work so as to a fully functional manage system beyond a package manager, but never call it package manager or cpm.

ArchLinux - pacman

pacman is the arch linux binary software dependency PACkage MANager.


pacman -Ss vim


pacman -Su vim-nox11


pacman -Syu


pacman -R vim-nox11

Search C++ Botan Crypto library

# pacman -Ss botan
community/botan 2.11.0-1
    Crypto library written in C++

Install Botan

# pacman -Su botan

FreeBSD - ports/pkg

ports are the FreeBSD source code Build System.

pkg is the binary software  Package Manager that automatically download and install software and its dependencies.


pkg search vim


pkg install vim-console


pkg upgrade vim-console
pkg update -f
pkg upgrade


pkg delete vim-console

Search C++ Botan Crypto library

FreeBSD# pkg search botan
botan110-1.10.17_1             Portable, easy to use, and efficient C++ crypto library
botan2-2.10.0_2                Portable, easy to use and efficient C++ crypto library

Install Botan

FreeBSD# pkg install botan2

NetBSD - pkgsrc/pkgin

Source Code Build: pkgsrc

Binary: pkgin

pkgin search llvm
pkgin install llvm

OpenBSD - ports/pkg_*

Source Code Build: ports

Binary: pkg_*

pkg_add fossil



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